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McCarty Freight Inc

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Postal code:28110
Address:1200 Coakley Street

About company

McCarty Freight Inc
1200 Coakley Street Monroe, NC 28110

Phone: 704-776-9690 Fax: 704-776-9694

McCarty Freight, Inc is newly acquired business with a great deal of growth. We, at McCarty Freight, Inc., are excited to broaden our business Internationally and Locally. Our services included a variety of shipping overseas and locally by air. We ship all freight within the cargo guidelines. At McCarty Freight, Inc we strive on experience and expertise in global management services.

The team at McCarty Freight, Inc is composed of experts in the Air Cargo business. Our team is knowledgeable, friendly and goes well above and beyond to exceed our clients expectations.

McCarty Freight, Inc is global today & ready to help clients with any kind of transportation with required logistics management under a single roof. Our services are tailored to meet and exceed our customer's needs.

At McCarty Freight, Inc we offer several services including:

- Warehousing Solutions
- Distribution Forward/Reverse Logistics
- Last Mile Pickup and Delivery
- Kitting, Packing & Programming
- Cash Management
- Services Tax & Compliance Management
- Retail Sales & Distribution
- Customs Clearance
- Freight Forwarding
- Trading
- E-Trade

Our vision at McCarty Freight, Inc is to be the number 1 logistics service provider throughout the World.

We have a branch in Texas, USA. The point of contact there is:

Mr. Cruz Ornelas Jr.

Freight Manager

Phone: 512-521-1310

Fax: 512-215-4730