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Lighthouse Trans

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Phone002 02 245 42 688
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Address:12' ebn sender square, 2nd floor, office - cairo

About company

Company Services

The company's mission to make customs clearance services and multimodal transport easy, quick with a competitive price. And so that we can do this, the company provides a wide range and variety of services in the field of customs clearance and multi-modal transport as well as its ability to carry out all stages of freight from door to door delivery and the start of the move until the final delivery Active.

- Customs clearance

The group is the work of customs clearance of inbound and issued, packaging and ground transportation, distribution and insurance services, transit, and to provide customers with all their requirements in the field of transport in one place.

- Shipping

Provide shipping service all types of cargo including general cargo and bulk cargo and containers as well as Ro-Ro cargo to and from anywhere in the world at competitive prices.

- Air freight

Provide air freight service is easy and fast and at competitive prices and include the set of goods and collected.

- Storage

The group owns and operates several stores in strategic locations near industrial areas in Cairo and Port Said free zone.

Group provides distribution services and storage container yards in addition to local storage.

- Import and export

The Group provides import and export services for the company and for the benefit of others also offer services import free zone in Port Said.

Future projects

Provide logistics solutions for large projects including the transfer of precision equipment and packages with weights or dimensions of the exceptional and the development and expansion in the logistics company.

Commitment to the customer

We believe that our client's success is our success and we are committed to creating long-term relationships based on mutual success and with our customers. We do our best to understand our clients well and take care to provide individual solutions for its needs. In all cases, whether we have customs clearance or transfer of goods to the face opposite from the same city, or we move them to another spot in the world, we listen well and respond quickly to our customers' requirements and strive to find new ways to help our clients achieve success, we will take care of plug his goods safe and in good condition at reasonable prices in a timely manner and at a time.

Company values

- Credibility:

Always deny our promises and treat everyone with dignity and respect and sincerity we commit ourselves to the highest standards of ethics in all our work.

- Professional:

Recognize and apply the highest standards of perfection in the work and believe in thinking about the race for progress.

Commitment to the success of our customers:

We believe that the success of our customers is the real driving force behind all of our work and make our best effort to identify the requirements of our customers and seeking to initiate new ways to meet them.

- Innovation:

Believe in progress through innovation and creativity to keep Briadtna always in our field.

- Team spirit:

We commit ourselves to achieving our objectives through teamwork. Each team member completes and integrates with the rest of the members.

- Education and capacity development of self:

We believe that the growth and success of our company is built on the development and success of each one of us and costumer satisfaction guaranty.